Common Proofreading Abbreviations Tips

Proofreading abbreviationsWhat are proofreading abbreviations used for?

Proofreading is the process of working through writing to ensure that it is free of spelling, grammatical and formatting errors that would otherwise embarrass the writer. It is a vital stage in producing any important document that needs to be written perfectly from an academic paper or thesis through to business reports and proposals. Most professional proofreaders from proofreading agency use standard proofreading symbols and abbreviations to highlight issues that require correction.

How are proofreading abbreviations used?

A proofreader will work through your writing in a methodical manner to identify and eliminate all of the errors that are there. No one is a perfect writer; we all make mistakes when we write yet we find it hard to identify those mistakes ourselves. The proofreader will work through your work and will consider each individual word and sentence in turn to ensure that everything is correct. They will use proofreading abbreviations to highlight in the page what needs to be changed to correct the work. The will then work through the soft copy on the computer to make the highlighted changes that are required.

What are some common proofreading abbreviations?

There are many different proofreading abbreviations and symbols that are used by professional qualified proofreaders which allow them to communicate exactly what changes are required to be made. The following list will show you what some of the most common proofreading abbreviations are and where they are used;

  • Fl; Make the text flush to the left
  • FR; Make the text flush to the right
  • Caps; Change all highlighted text to capitals
  • Lc; Change all text to lower case
  • Bf; use a bold text
  • Ital; Use italics for the text
  • Sp; Spell out an abbreviation or acronym fully

Where will you find the best proofreading rates for your important documents?

You need to find highly qualified and very experienced proofreaders that can fluently use proofreading abbreviations effectively when working on your writing. They will quickly and effectively correct any issues within your writing so that you can be sure that you will be submitting error free work. Select services that are reliable and of the highest quality and offered at some of the lowest proofreading rates that you will find anywhere online. So if you want to be sure that your work is completely free of problems just contact real experts that understand all proofreading abbreviations.

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