Different Proofreading Practice Worksheets

Proofreading worksheetCan proofreading practice worksheets help you to proofread?

Being able to proofread is a skill that can be learned but it can take a huge amount of time. But it is a necessary skill to learn if you want to ensure that your papers are perfect before they are submitted. No one is a perfect writer; we all make mistakes within our writing. But submitting work that still contains those mistakes is like saying that you just don’t care about what you have written. It is vital that you proofread your work very carefully before you submit it; especially for those most important documents. Proofreading practice worksheets can help you to improve your proofreading skills and increase your chances of catching those errors in your writing.

How can proofreading practice worksheets help you?

Practice as they say makes perfect; so using a proofreading worksheet with known errors in it to practice your proofreading is one way to help ensure that your proofreading will be effective. A quick read through of your writing is seldom enough to find all of the errors within your work. You really do have to have a methodical way of doing proofreading and using simple proofreading skills worksheets can help you to hone your skills.

How to use your proofreading practice worksheets

Proofreading practice worksheets can be proofread just like any other work, the aim being to find all of the problems within the worksheet and then compare your findings to the completed version to see if you found everything. You can use standard proofreading marks to identify your mistakes. So just like proofreading your own or others work you need to run through the following process;

  • Use the computer first if it is soft copy; your spell checker and grammar checker will find many of the most obvious problems
  • Start with the big picture and work down; if the document talks about 5 methods are their 5? Etc.
  • If you are used to working on the computer use a hard copy for proofreading
  • Use some (or all) of the following methods to slow your reading to help catch errors
    • Read through backwards
    • Increase the font sizes
    • Use an object to touch each word in turn
    • Use a ruler or sheet of paper to hide adjacent lines
    • Look for one thing at a time; spelling mistakes, punctuation, grammar etc.
    • Read the work aloud so you can hear any errors

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