How to Improve Your Proofreading Skills

Proofreading skillsWhy are proofreading skills important?

None of us are such perfect writers that we can produce work that is completely free of written errors. We all make mistakes and spotting those mistakes before we submit our work is vital if we want to make the right impression and not look like we don’t care about our work. Proofreading allows us to work through our writing in a methodical manner to highlight and remove errors in our writing. But improving proofreading skills is not easy and often takes a huge amount of practice.

Improving proofreading skills

There are many ways that you can improve proofreading skills online if you really want to ensure that your proofreading is up to scratch. There are online proofreading courses that you can follow and you can also download proofreading practice sheets to hone your skills or take a proofreading skills test. Whatever you choose however it will take time and practice on your part if you want to be a good proofreader.

What are the best proofreading skills?

There are many things that you need to learn to be a good proofreader and the following tips will help you to develop the right methods to ensure that your proofreading is accurate and quick;

  • If you have to proofread your own work leave it for a few days first so you are less familiar with what you have written
  • Use your software packages to find errors but don’t rely on them 100%; they will often miss errors or suggest unnecessary changes
  • If you are not sure of which word to use don’t guess; use a dictionary if you are not sure which word you should be using such as in knowing the difference between desert and dessert
  • Proofread for one error at a time; look for structure, then spelling and so forth
  • Slow down your proofreading to make it more likely you will spot errors; read backwards, increase fonts, use something to point to each word in turn
  • Read the writing aloud so that you hear exactly what is written

Use proofreaders that have the best proofreading skills

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