Identify Each Proofreading Symbol Easily

Proofreading symbolWhat is a proofreading symbol?

Proofreading is a vital step in the creation of any document to ensure that it is free of errors. After all what do errors that have gone uncorrected by the author say about them and the likely quality of the content? Proofreading is the process of methodically going through a piece of writing to identify and then correct any issues within the work. Most proofreaders find it much easier to do their work on a hard copy rather than direct onto the computer where they can correct things as they find them. But when they have finished what they have found on the hard copy needs to be taken and corrected on the original document. Proofreaders use common proofreading symbols to identify specific problems and required actions so that the person that does the actual correction knows precisely what to do.

How to use a proofreading symbol

When a proofreader works through a hard copy of your work they will very simply highlight any issues that they find by marking your work with proofreading symbols. UK and US spelling, grammatical issues, formatting issues and so forth are all highlighted so that the work can be corrected quickly and simply. The proofreading symbols and codes are common for proofreading so that anyone that has a proofreading skills will be able to understand what needs to be done.

How to recognize what a proofreading symbol means

Each proofreading symbol or code has a specific meaning and the person doing the corrections will act accordingly. Some of the more common codes for proofreading are listed below;

  • Change the text into capitals; Caps
  • Put text into bold; Bf
  • Change / equalize the spacing; Eq#
  • Align text to left or right; Fl  or Fr
  • Put text in italics; Ital
  • Use lower case; Lc

Of course there are many other codes that are used and specific symbols that are used within proofreading to highlight errors for correction. If you take a proofreading course you will get to learn all of the different symbols that are used for proofreading.

Have an expert proofread your work for you

If you are in need of accurate and quick proofreading there is no need to worry about doing the work yourself. Select a highly professional and yet very cheap proofreading service that is provided through highly qualified and very experienced proofreaders. True proofreading professionals understand each proofreading symbol and will use them when proofreading your writing. For fully guaranteed and quickly finished proofreading ensure you select the best reliable proofreading service.

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