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Standard proofreading marksWhy are standard proofreading marks used?

Proofreading is a vital part of ensuring that your important documents are produced perfectly without errors. Submitting a thesis with spelling errors or grammatical errors on a business reports indicates that the author has a sloppy approach to their work and that the content may also be sloppy. Therefore online proofreading needs to be done to ensure that you eliminate those errors. A proofreader will use standard proofreading marks when they proofread a hard copy of your work so that the person making the actual corrections will be able to understand what needs to be changed.

How are standard proofreading marks used?

Most proofreaders prefer to use a hard copy of a document on which to actually proofread as it is far easier to concentrate their minds on the actual task of proofreading. Making corrections as you go on the computer can also distract the proofreader from the task at hand. Using standard proofreading marks as per the proofreading marks chart makes it easy for them to highlight what needs to be changed. Having standard marks ensures that the person that then actually makes the corrections knows precisely what needs to be done.

List of proofreading marks

The following are some of the long list of proofreading marks that a professional proofreader such as the experts that a professional service would employ will use when proofreading your paper and in their every day proofreading practice;

  • Bf; Boldface; change the text into bold
  • Caps; Capitalize; change the text to capitals
  • Eq#; Equalize spacing; make the spacing common
  • Fl: Flush left; align the text to the left
  • Fr: Flush right; align all of the text to the right
  • Ital; Italics; change to italics
  • Lc; Lower case; change the text to lower case
  • Sc; Small caps; put the text in small caps
  • Sp; Spell out, fully spell out an abbreviation
  • Stet; let it stand; ignore all proofreading marks

Use experts that fully understand standard proofreading marks

If you use professional cheap proofreading services for your proofreading the task will not be passed onto the cheapest person that can be found that can read. Select a service that will use higher degree qualified and highly experienced proofreaders that are fully qualified to undertake the proofreading that you need doing. Proofreaders must be fully experienced with using standard proofreading marks as well as all other aspects of professional proofreading.

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