Proofreading Checklist for School Pupils

Proofreading checklistDo you need a proofreading checklist?

Writing that is free of spelling and grammatical errors will always be better received than one that contains errors that should have been caught and corrected. Not correcting avoidable mistakes says a huge amount about your approach to the writing and can also indicate that the content itself may also be sloppily produced. Even in school it is important for pupils to know how much does it cost to edit and proofread a paper in order to proofread their work before submission to ensure that those silly little errors have been corrected to ensure that you get the best possible grades. After all your grades are going to follow you all the way through your school career. A simple proofreading checklist can help you to ensure that you catch all of the errors in your work.

How to use a simple proofreading checklist for kids

There are many different proofreading checklists out there that can be used online as well as proofreading software online. These vary from a proofreading checklist middle school which defines a dozen areas that you need to check through to more complicated checklists that detail out specific grammar rules and ways to use words effectively. Whichever type of checklist you decide to use it is best to work your way through it methodically; that is step by step. Rather than trying to find all issues at once it is always best to work through finding one issue at a time.

Our simple proofreading checklist

The following is a simple proofreading checklist that will help you to identify and correct the most common errors that students make with their writing;

  • Are the spelling correct; especially names and places
  • Have the right words been used; especially words that sound similar; their, there and they’re for instance
  • Is every sentence ended with the right punctuation?
  • Are commas and semicolons used right?
  • Are all proper nouns capitalized?
  • Does every sentence start with a capital letter?
  • Are quotations marks used correctly for quotations?
  • Have apostrophes been used correctly; pay attention to words such as it’s
  • Do subjects and verbs agree?
  • Are sentences complete or do they run together?
  • Are verbs and pronouns used correctly?

It is always worth making a list of the errors that you personally make on a regular basis so that you can check for the mistakes that you make the most.

Experts can provide quick and easy proofreading

Proofreading can take a huge amount of time and can be very difficult; especially for your own work. For very important papers or if you want to be sure that you make an impression it is always worth using a professional proofreader to help you. Professional proofreaders are fully qualified and work within the subject areas in which they have qualifications and the most experience ensuring a full understanding of what you have written. So if you don’t have time to work through a proofreading checklist just get in contact with expert proofreaders through one of the many professional and cheap proofreading services that you will find online.

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