Proofreading Marks

In proofreading your paper, there are things you need to know and there are marks or symbols you need to know so that you will have an easy task. In this page, it will present what you need to do and what are marks you should remember.

Proofreading Marks

  • Bf= set in boldface

  • #= insert space

  • cap= set in capitals

  • wf=wrong font

  • sm cap=set in small caps

  • [/]= brackets

  • (/)= parenthesis

  • sp= spell out

  • = which means straighten alignment

  • Tr= transpose, change the order

  • X= imperfect or broken character

  • Stet= let marked text stand as set

  • Eq # = space evenly where indicated

  • ^ or > or h= caret; insert here

  • Rom= set in roman

  • Ital= set in italic

  • Lc= set in lowercase

  • = or –l = hyphen

  • ; /= semicolon

  • — = delete

  • P = insert

  • : = colon

  • OK/? = query to author: has been set as intended?

  • ^ = subscript or inferior

  • // = align vertically

Whenever you need to proofread your paper and you cant remember which sentences or which word you need to change, it is better to use paraphrasing marks. The information presented in this page will help you a lot so you should not forget about it. We also offer translation proofreading.

proofreading marks

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