Rates on Academic Proofreading Services

Academic proofreading servicesWhy Should I Use Academic Proofreading Services?

What are the main parts of my paper? How much does it cost to write a capstone paper? Who will edit it? Proofreading is the last step in the paper writing process. It mostly consists of checking for and correcting mechanical type errors such as spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and mistakes in punctuation. Some small changes may also be made to make the paper more readable. Students often overlook the proofreading step or rush through it without taken the necessary amount of time to do a good job. Proofreading your own work can be difficult due to your familiarity with what you have written. The mind tends to see what you know to be correct rather than what may actually be written so that even those who do put some time and effort into proofreading academic papers are likely to overlook some mistakes. A few spelling mistakes might not seem like a big deal, but often result in a lower grade. One solution for this is to make use of academic proofreading services. There are many such services available online to choose from.

How Much Do Academic Proofreading Services Cost?

Professional academic proofreading rates vary from company to company. Rates may be charged on a per hour basis, by the page or word count or on a per project basis. There are a number of elements to be considered when calculating proofreading rates including the following:

  • The type of paper being proofread will influence the rates charged. Rates for a one or two page essay will most likely be lower than for a thesis or dissertation paper.
  • Level of proofreading requested. Proofreading may be as basic as checking for spelling and grammatical errors. However a proofreading job may include fact checking and verification of resources in addition to a spelling and grammar check.
  • Standard being written to. Is the paper required to be in APA style, MLA or some other style? This will involve more work for the proofreader resulting in higher rates.
  • Time frame for proofreading. Requesting a rush job will cost more.

A good academic proofreading service will provide a quote before your proofreading job is started.

Selecting the Best Academic Proofreading Services

Select a company that offers academic paper proofreading services. Ensure that the rates they charge are among the lowest in the industry, but that they still maintain a high quality of service. Benefits of using their service should include:

  • Guarantees that the work they provide will meet all of your requirements and be delivered on time.
  • Easy online order and payment process
  • Affordable rates suitable for a student’s budget
  • Complete customer confidentiality

When you need academic proofreading done, contact a reliable service for superior proofreading services at budget friendly rates.

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