The Lowest Proofreading Service Rates

Proofreading services ratesCalculating Proofreading Service Rates

One of the major concerns for those considering professional proofreading services is the rates that are being charged. There are several methods that are used for calculating the cost of proof reading jobs. The 3 methods most often used to arrive at a final cost are:

  • Proofreading rates per hour – An hourly rate is set and the final cost of a job is based on the number of hours necessary to complete the job. A drawback is the final cost can’t be calculated until the job is finished as the total number of hours taken will not be known until then.
  • Proofreading rates per page – A specific number of words is determined to be one page. A common word count is 250 words per page. In that case the total number of words would be divided by 250 to get the number of pages. Multiplying the result times the cost per page will provide the final cost.
  • Proofreading rates per word – This is the most accurate method and popular as final cost can easily be calculated before beginning a job. A price per word is set and final price is arrived at by multiplying the total number of words times that price.

Factors Affecting Proofreading Service Rates

Proofreading service rates may be adjusted depending on a number of different elements. Some of the more common reasons for adjusting rates include:

  • Time frame – The amount of time given for a proofreading job to be completed. Rush jobs are requested frequently and many services increase rates on these “hurry up” orders.
  • Subject matter – Certain topics may have higher rates than others. Scientific papers, technical papers and manuscript proofreading often have more expensive rates than other papers.
  • Level of proofreading – This reflects how much actual work is being done. A basic proofreading might consist of correcting spelling and grammatical errors, while a more in depth proofreading might also include fact checking, source verification and improving readability.
  • Style – The style a paper is written in could affect rates. Papers written following APA style may have a higher rate than papers that don’t follow any particular style.

Selecting the Right Proofreading Services

Services should be available at low rates despite the quality that needs to be maintained. The writers, proofreaders and editors that they will use must be professionals with extensive experience. Besides high quality and low proofreading rates, benefits of using their services should include all of the following:

  • Guarantee of complete customer satisfaction on every job they provide
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy online order and payment process
  • Complete customer confidentiality

When you need any type of proofreading, contact a professional and highly reliable proofreading company for high-quality proofreading at low and affordable rates. There are also reliable online sources that do fast and secure copy editing services.

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