03-Dec-2021 AECOM selected for two Crown Commercial Service frameworks in the United Kingdom
01-Dec-2021 AECOM will provide design and engineering services for the development of Hong Kong's northern metropolitan area
30-Nov-2021 AECOM will provide services for the Qada Public Works Authority's road and drainage management project
24-Nov-2021 AECOM has been selected as a member of the London Transport Engineering Framework Planning Consultation
18-Nov-2021 AECOM appointed Thomas Prendergast as New York Rail Transit Executive for its design and consulting services business line
15-Nov-2021 AECOM reports for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021
15-Nov-2021 The newly released Digital AECOM will help customers speed up the digitization of their projects and achieve better results
12-Nov-2021 AECOM provided project management services for the new runway at Denver International Airport
12-Nov-2021 AECOM's McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Management Building project received LEED certification
11-Nov-2021 AECOM and SmithGroup celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Louisville VA Medical Center
29-Oct-2021 AECOM and Royal Commission AlUla signed a strategic cooperation agreement
28-Oct-2021 AECOM and Cavnue announced they will collaborate on a connected and automated transportation project in Michigan
27-Oct-2021 AECOM signed a third contract with the U.S. Agency for International Development
19-Oct-2021 AECOM will provide construction management services for the first U.S. offshore wind project
24-Sep-2021 AECOM provides architectural design and engineering services for the Kennedy Space Center and NASA facilities
23-Sep-2021 AECOM and TEA release the global influential theme park report on the resilience and recovery of the industry as a whole in 2020
22-Sep-2021 AECOM is developing hydrogen-powered railways in central Italy to boost economic growth
17-Sep-2021 AECOM held a groundbreaking ceremony for Intuit Dome, the future home of the Los Angeles Clippers
17-Aug-2021 AECOM global headquarters moves to Dallas, Texas
09-Aug-2021 AECOM reports results for the third quarter of fiscal 2021
28-Jul-2021 AECOM appointed Shailen P. Bhatt leads the global transportation team
27-Jul-2021 AECOM was awarded its third consecutive Army Corps of Engineers environmental remediation contract
24-Jun-2021 AECOM is providing program management services for the widening of New Jersey Turnpike interchanges 1 to 4
02-Jun-2021 Maji Al Futtaim appointed AECOM, an international infrastructure company, to advise on the flagship Riyadh shopping mall project in Saudi Arabia
20-May-2021 AECOM received an award from the Society of Military Engineers and J.W. Morris Award for Continuing Membership
19-May-2021 AECOM's diverse supplier program ranks among the U.S. Military's most friendly
11-May-2021 AECOM reports results for the second quarter of fiscal 2021
05-May-2021 AECOM will provide project management services for the Dallas Independent School District's 2020 $3.5 billion bond program
26-Apr-2021 AECOM practices the transformative environment, Society and Governance (ESG) strategy of "Heritage and Sustainability" and promotes sustainable development initiatives that make a positive impact
22-Apr-2021 AECOM has appointed two new leaders of its global project management business line
14-Apr-2021 AECOM has received many awards and recognition from journals in the professional field of environmental technology
14-Apr-2021 AECOM signed its third national contract with the U.S. Postal Service
23-Mar-2021 The AECOM Canada team joins two internationally recognized tunnel experts
19-Mar-2021 AECOM provides $2 billion in contract services to the AIR Force infrastructure program
15-Mar-2021 AECOM and METRO will continue to use FEDERAL Transportation Administration funding to promote automated, zero-emission mass transit technology
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